Sonder is a word that originates from The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows written by John Koenig. Sonder is the realization that each passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

“The Sonder. Project” is an online community of people brought together by their own epic stories. “The Sonder. Project” is a platform of self-expression and peer to peer counseling. The project acts as a tool for the user, allowing them to share their story anonymously and connect with others throughout The Sonder Community without fear of judgement or embarrassment. With over 50 experience topics, “The Sonder. Projects” purpose is not to identify people’s secrets. But to reveal the experiences that connect us in our daily lives.


To inspire change, strengthen mental wellness and promote growth within our community. Creating a positive atmosphere and bringing a new found knowledge to the untold stories of so many.

Through this project we hope to inspire change and promote growth in individuals. You can provide advice, and share insight by using your own personal life experiences. There are many people who need advice but do not seek it from their family or friends because they feel embarrassed, scared, or ashamed to ask for the help they need. They feel as if they are alone, or as a burden to the ones they love. Thus “The Sonder. Project” was created as a supportive place to connect and share your experiences. We all have epic stories to share, and your story of struggles, trials, and triumphs can inspire others. Sharing your story does have risk, it can make you feel vulnerable. But the most inspiring people in life often are the most vulnerable-people that have overcome the odds. In order to be better we must share it. When we share our vulnerable story with others, we gain strength, feel less alone, and start to believe that maybe everything will be okay. We evoke a contagious wave of “I can do this!” Connecting with our own vulnerability allows others to feel safe enough to share their vulnerability. Stories allow us to connect, share experiences, build relationships and honor backgrounds of all people. Stories about our personal experiences can awaken our consciousness, open our hearts, and help us to heal. “The Sonder. Project” strives to do all of these things by summoning the strength to open ourselves up and provide insight to our problems.